In todays busy, convenience centric world, we’re all guilty of sacrificiing quality of food by lowering our standards and consuming convenience foods which come in the form of pre-packaged, fast food takeaway and food served in many restaurants.

The human body is designed for movement. Our body needs quality fuel to ensure our internal mechanics; mind, body and vital organs are functioning optimally.

The foods we consume have a direct impact on the quality of our lives and wellbeing. Too much convenience foods lead to depression, consitipation, brain fog, unnatural bodyweight and an overall downward feeling of well being, or rather lack of it.

In an ideal world, it would be great to eat 100% organic, natural and home cooked food. If that’s not 100% possible. What is?

As humans we are excellent at adapting. So lets adapt and ensure whatever we eat, is the optimal diet given our lifestyle choice, geographic location and affordability.

Our extensive and hand picked range of affordable organic herbs will help your body optimally absorb the nutrients from your consumed foods.

Further, our extensive range of hand picked organic herbs will go a long way in helping to strengthen your immune system, muscular development, mental wellbeing and absorption of food.

Our in house Nutritionists and Clinical Dieticians are experienced and well versed in understanding needs and requirements of members and patients taking into account their ethnicity, geographic location, current state of health, home and work lifestyle to tailor a specific nutritious and well balanced diet to regenerate optimum health and well being.



Ayurveda Expert

Ayurveda is also known as “science of longevity”. Ask our Ayurvedic experts to know the true potential  of Herbs for your complete wellness. ...Read more

WellBeing Membership Plan

Give a 12 month commitment to yourself to Regenerate and Optimise your Mental & Physical WellBeing to live and  experience a joyful life.- Regain functional mobility through targeted stretches to release neck, lower back, upper back, knee, ankle, tennis and golf elbow pain and symptoms.
– With our Ayurveda Doctors, identify and safely address ailments and diseases. (Click here for full list)
– With our rich in experience and expert nutritionists identify nutrition rich foods which are best for you based on your body composition (Ayurveda – Vata, Pitha, Kapha)
– Improve nutrient absorption from foods and regenerate and optimise your digestive system.
– Consult with our highly experienced GP Doctor virtually from your phone, tablet or laptop to address immediate symptoms. Sick notes are available and prescriptions can be collected from your nearest pharmacy.
– Through our Guided Meditation, you’ll learn to remove anxiety and stress.
You’ll become more self aware through your mind and body to live life proactively instead of reactively resulting in living the life you want, on your terms, living in the present moment.
...Read more

Guided Meditation

With the help of our guided meditation course Restore Calm, Regain Control and experience Equanimity in your life. ..Read more


Balanced Diet Plan

Ask our Functional Movement Experts for quick relief exercises from the comfort of your Home or Office.

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Nutrition Podcast

Tune in to our Physio Podcast and get to know more about how Physio works for your overall complete WellBeing.

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